Help Us Save The Florida Hemp Industry

In their current forms, HB 1475/SB 1676 threaten the health and livelihoods of thousands of Floridians.

Consequences of HB 1475/SB 1676

  • Millions of Floridians will have severely limited access to hemp-derived products (such as Delta-8) that assist them in everyday health & well-being.
  • $3,078,078,875 in lost Wages!
  • $8,935,983,948 in lost Revenue!
  • $1.7 Billion in lost Infrastructure Investment!
  • 6,175 Businesses would either go out of business or leave Florida! Adversely affecting the lives of countless veterans, cancer patients, and other Floridians who depend on hemp products for their health!

The Florida Healthy Alternatives Association (The “FHAA”) STRONGLY supports packaging requirements and age restrictions on these products, as well as protecting the public. Currently, HB 1475/SB 1676 will BAN products that are used by millions of Floridians. Please work with the FHAA and concerned Floridians to protect Florida Hemp Industry. With your help, HB 1475 and SB 1676 can work for the millions of Floridians whose lives are touched by the Florida Hemp Industry.

Here's How You Can Help:

  1. Sign the petition on
  2. Call your local legistator to tell them how this bill will negatively impact your life and ask them to vote NO SB 1676 and HB 1475.
  3. Send a letter (easily - automated form)